IGNOU Working Helpline Numbers and IGNOU Email id All Concerned Departments

ignou email id and contacts
3 2,934

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सभी विधार्थी के लिए इग्नू द्वारा दिए गए सभी फ़ोन नंबर इस लिस्ट में मौजूद है | साथ ही काम के आधार पर उस कार्यालय का नंबर और ईमेल पता दोनों ही उनके सामने वाले भाग में लिखे हुए है |

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स्टूडेंट यूनिवर्सिटी के सभी नंबर और ईमेल अपने काम के अनुसार नीचे दिए गये लिस्ट से प्राप्त कर सकता है |

  Concerned Department Name Contact Numbers and Email ID  
IGNOU Telephone Exchange no.Ph. N. 011-29571000  
Student Service Centre (for any General Enquiry)Ph. N. 011-29572513, 011-29572514
Email ID – ssc@ignou.ac.in  
CSRC  (for ID Card, User id & Password, Admission Cancel, Fee refund, Discrepancy, Admission Status & Regarding Admission Documents.  Ph. N. 011-29571528, 011-29571301, 011-29571302  
Email.ID –csrc@ignou.ac.in, csrc1@ignou.ac.in, csrc2@ignou.ac.in  
For Books Delivery, Books StatusPh. N. 011-29572002, 011-29572008, 011-29532013,  
011-29534521, 011-29572012, 29572009  
Email ID- mpdd@ignou.ac.in  
Marks Sheet Dispatch Status RegardingCertificate Programmes :  
Ph. N. 011-29572208  
Email.ID- cdresult@ignou.ac.in, sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in  
Marks Sheet Dispatch Status RegardingAll Bachelors Programmes(BA, B.SC, B.COM)  
Ph. N.011-29572211, 011-29536743  
Email ID- bdresult@ignou.ac.in, sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in  
Marks Sheet Dispatch Status Regarding  All Master Programmes and B.ED, BTS, BHM, BSW, BLIS, BSCN, BTME.    
Ph. N. 011-29572212, 011-29536103  
Email ID- mdresult@ignou.ac.in, sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in
Degree Regarding issue  (for all programmes)   Diploma, Certificate, Dispatch of returned degree Status.Ph. N. 011-29572224, 011-29535438, 011-29572213  
Email ID -convocation@ignou.ac.in
Apply for Transcript and WES, Fees, Status and Degree Verification Regarding all issuesPh. N. 011-29571524, 011-29572210, 01129536405  
Email ID-transcript@ignou.ac.in, gcverification@ignou.ac.in
Project Marks for Updating Status    Ph. N. 011-29571321, 01129571324  
Email.ID-projects@ignou.ac.in, sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in  
Practical Marks for Updating StatusPh. N. 011-29572212
Email id-practicals@ignou.ac.in, sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in    
Exam form related query, Exam fee refund, Hall ticket/Admit card regarding ,Non receipt of Hall ticket   B.ed, BSC (Nursing), PhD Entrance regarding Query, Entrance result regarding issue.Ph. N. 011-29572209, 011-29572202, 011-29532088,011-29535064   Email id-  tee_exam@ignou.ac.in, examform@ignou.ac.in, examinations@ignou.ac.in, ssbhandari@ignou.ac.in  
Project and Dissertation Status and viva Marks regarding queryPh. N. 011-29571324, 011-29571321, 011-29532294    
Email id- Projects@ignou.ac.in  
Assignment  Status and  Marks regarding issuePh. N. 011-29571325, 011-29571319, 011-29571313  
Email.id- assignment@ignou.ac.in  
Duplicate Mark sheet regarding issuePh. N. 011-29572218, 011-29571313    
Email.id – sedgrievance@ignou.ac.in
Credit  Transfer regarding issueEmail.id- registrarsrd@ignou.ac.in  
Ph. N. 011-29571301
Student Registration Division (SRD) Enquiry for   Re-registration form,  registration Status,  Fee related issuePh. N. 011-29571301, 011-29571302, 011-29532686  
Email.id- srdgrievance@ignou.ac.in, registrarsrd@ignou.ac.in, srd3@ignou.ac.in, feerefund_srd@ignou.ac.in                 
*as per ingnou official website & records

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